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Premises and Location



Directly in the heart of Europe, neighbouring with Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, is an exceptional landscape that captivates us with its beautiful natural wealth, its long and rich history, its culture and traditions, its many historical monuments, folklore and the generosity of its inhabitants that leaves us with indescribable experiences – this is the Slovak Republic.

Slovakia is an industrialized and progressive country with growing technical development and quality of life for its residents. It houses the manufacturing facilities of well-known automakers such as Jaguar, Porsche, Audi, Škoda and Peugeot. It is also the home country of the companies ESET and SYGIC. The Slovak economy is growing every year, while its competitiveness within the European market and the average GDP per head is increasing. It can also boast of belonging among the countries with the fastest growing market in Europe. The level of services provided increases from year to year.

Within the Slovak Republic, you have the opportunity to experience the natural scenery of the High and Low Tatras and the other mountain ranges of this country, as well as unique caves, thermal springs and swimming pools. We can see Slovak history through the beauty of historical towns, folk architecture and unique castles, chateaus and mansions and their ruins. If you find pleasure in art and culture, in Slovakia you can find a rich cultural program provided by local theatres, museums and galleries. Even as a small European country, with its many historical treasures is considered to be a powerhouse in terms of castles. You, too, can come to know this country, thanks to us!

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava, which is located on both banks of the famous Danube River. It is a modern and rapidly developing city, which also charms us with its historical beauty. The most dominant feature of the city is clearly Bratislava Castle. For lovers of history and romance, we recommend visiting Bratislava’s Old Town (Staré mesto) and its historic streets with many historical monuments that are part of the city's preserved centre, where you can have a coffee at the local cafés or enjoy the gourmet experiences of its fine restaurants.

The metropolis of eastern Slovakia is the second largest city in Slovakia, Košice, an important historical centre in the shape of a lens, which is clearly dominated by the Gothic St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral. This is the largest church found in Slovakia and at the same time is the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe. This jewel began being built at the end of the 14th century, and it is linked with a number of legends. The cathedral, along with its adjacent buildings (the Chapel of St. Michael and the Urban Tower), are national cultural monuments.

Eastern Slovakia is also the site of the largest castle ruin complex in Central Europe, namely the Spiš Castle, with an area of ​​more than 4 hectares, which thanks to this uniqueness is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For lovers of nature and the mountains, there is the unforgettable experience of visiting the world's smallest highlands – the High Tatras – which enable a rich tourist season in both the summer and winter months. Skiers, hiking enthusiasts or holidaymakers enjoy the high mountain air and impressive peaks of the High Tatras – Gerlachovský, Lomnický and others. Beautiful natural scenery can be found in nine national parks as well as in many caves that are open to the public.

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